Weaver’s bands to watch 2013!

Hey folks! There are so many good bands I am so excited about! I just want to share them. You should go and check them out. 2013 is going to be an amazing year for Scottish music!!

The Lad’s

Mixing the best bits of The Jam and Oasis, these Dundee boys look set for the big time with a sold out set at King Tut’s last year. Having bounced back from several stints in rehab, lead singer Jonny Boyle (17) is an energetic young frontman with plenty of attitude to spare.

Broken Silent Heart Fire

Three boys from Glasgow playing emotional and powerful folk tinged indie. They might sound like they’re from the Midwest, and look like homeless grizzly bears, but they pack a punch. Watch out for some mandolin action.

Flora MacPhee

Teenage sensation Flora is only 16, but she’s wowed audiences at T in the Park and Rockness already, with her acoustic loveliness. Her debut single ‘Kittens and Mittens and Rainbows’ deals with being a heartbroken poetic teenager in a society that doesn’t understand. Stardom beckons.

Mark Anthony’s Frown

NME have already declared these Clydebank guys as “the spiritual successors to The Kooks”, and if that isn’t praise, I don’t know what is. They’ve recently signed an advertising deal with Topman, while their track ‘All My Eccies’ will appear in E4’s infamous youth drama Skins. Frontman Jay Moontart has been romantically linked with Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton and Judy Dench.

Grieving Spaniard

Gritty alt-rock in the vein of Pavement and Sonic Youth, these boys from Achtermuchty are an ear-punishing assault live, breaking eardrums as well as actual drums. Released their first EP ‘Speckled Egg Twat’ on underground Brighton label Filthy Iranian in November to much acclaim.


Pronounced ‘Traps’,†∫@¶§ take massive synth lines, massive pop hooks, and massive 80s electric drum kits sounds to make a sound that’s just… well, MASSIVE. They’ve already toured with Gary Numan, and were called in by Sony to write the next Sugababes album. Exciting things lie ahead for this Dunoon two-piece. 

John Major’s First Major Car Accident

Originally an art school project, JMFMCA have been around for a few years now, but only recently gained notoriety after a support slot with New York punks Flat Sparrow saw them play nude apart from shoes fashioned from Inspector Morse VHS packaging. They describe themselves as anarcho-lesbo-vegie-core, and they certainly have the Dr Martens to prove it.

Through Scarred Bones Of Church Ruins We Destroy

Black metal from Greenock. Inspired by the early 90s figureheads of the cult Norwegian movement, Through Scarred Bones Of Church Ruins We Destroy play the grimmest and most anti-commercial music humanly possible. Band leader Nunslasher describes their ethic as “anti-human, and anti-music. We hate humanity and all it stands for. We decided instruments were too mainstream for what we believe, so we recorded our album on cassette using only the wind as an instrument. We walked up a snowy mountain and recorded the noise of a storm. When we were done, we went home and burnt the cassette, and recorded the noise of it burning. That’s our finished record - it’s the true noise of humanity destroying nature”.


Still in school, these funsome Fifers play day-glow pop-punk the way god intended. They’ve already released two albums in their short career (2011’s ‘My Omelet Catastrophe’ & 2012’s ‘Really Tiny Butter’), and are set to release their third album ‘All Of The Peugeot Adverts From The Last Ten Years On One DVD’ in March. A US tour is rumoured to be in the planning, so these guys may have to get those exams out of the way quickly.

Well guys, that’s all my hot tips for 2013! Can’t wait to see these guys in action and take the world by storm!


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